Indoor Tomato and Cucumber Intensive

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In this intensive online course I will teach you how to grow Tomatoes from seed to sale. The course includes my simple grafting technique, varieties to choose, inter-planting, creating the best starts, different trellising systems, pruning, problems and solutions to disease. pests and nutrition, harvesting at the correct time, marketing, and tomato infrastructure. I also go into detail on trellised cucumbers. Tomatoes and Cucumbers are the most important summer crops at Neversink Farm. Find out how I maximize production and profits while keeping everything extremely efficient.

Online Lifetime* Membership –  $249 

You may apply half of the sale price of this intensive to the Complete Market Farm Course within 2 months from date of purchase if you choose.


This is a course single and is included FREE in the Market Farming Course.

This course does not include the Live Q&As with Conor or access the Neversink Online Forum. These elements are only included in the Complete Market Farming Course.